Panti Forest Trekking Bunker Trail

The Panti Forest Reserve covers nearly 275 sq km of lowland dipterocarp rainforest. Panti Forest is home to over 25 species of mammals, including the critically endangered Malayan Tiger, Asiatic Elephant and Malayan Tapir. It is also home to the very loveable White-handed Gibbon, Pig-tailed Macaques and Banded Langurs.

With over 250 species of birds have thus far been recorded including hornbills, barbets, spiderhunters, woodpeckers and sunbirds it is no wonder the Bunker Trail is world renown among the international birdwatching community.

An early start ensures that we arrive at the Bunker Trail in time to listen to the rainforest ‘dawn chorus’ made up of song birds and the haunting calls of the gibbons. At the entrance to the Bunker Trail we transfer onto rear of our bird mobile and slowly drive along this 14 km long stretch of dirt road on the look out for birds, primates and other wildlife. Several kms into the journey we will stop and to trek and explore a quiet jungle trail. Here your nature guide will unravel some of the interesting plants, trees, insects and small mammals we may chance upon. By late morning on the return journey to Desaru Coast will drive to cliff location for its scenic views of the South China Sea while enjoying some light refreshments.

2pax for RM490/pax including tour guide, permit & transport.
4pax for RM295/pax including tour guide, permit & transport.
6pax for RM265/pax including tour guide, permit & transport -van.
8pax for RM199/pax including tour guide, permit & transport-van.

Tour inclusive of Tour Guide, Permit Entering HSK, Police Report, Transport and Bottle water.

Recommended Attire: Hat, t-shirt, long pants, sun protection, covered shoes or sport shoes (trail shoes), and recommended leech socks.

Itinerary Panti Forest Bunker Trail

07.00am: – Departing from hotel.
08.00am: – Arrives at Jalan Lombong.
08.10am: – Hiking starting
11.30am: – Arrive at Rock Formation.
12.00pm: – Reach the peak.
01.00pm: – Walk back down to trail.
03.00pm: – Start to drive back to hotel.
04.00pm: – Arrived back to hotel.

Meeting Point: Hotel Lobby – Desaru Coast
Days: Available every day with 2 weeks notice.
Time: 7am to 4pm
Duration: 8-9 hours
Fitness: Level medium