JungleWalla Desaru Coast

Irshad Mobarak

Irshad Mobarak is one of Malaysia’s most celebrated naturalists with over 26 years of experience in the field. A former banker, Irshad is a strong advocate for the conservation of Malaysia’s Rainforest. In early 1994 he set up JungleWalla in the island of Langkawi . JungleWalla Desaru Coast Johor has open its door on 1st February 2020. The Nature tours available are JungleWalla signature tours curated by our very own Founder Irshad Mobarak.

Shakira Mobarak

Even though she was born and raised in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Shakira possesses a great affinity for nature. After furthering her studies in Tourism Management, she made the brave decision to leave the city to move to the small island of Langkawi where she started her career as a naturalist in Junglewalla. With a total of 8 years of experience working with nature, including a year stint in Pulau Tenggol where she worked and gained her PADI Divemaster license. She now calls Johor home and is curious and excited to discover the wonders of the rich and abundant state.

Shahrool Anuar

A trip to Langkawi has inspired Shahrool to return to his hometown and develop the ecotourism industry there. Coming from Kota Tinggi, it’s a place full of historical, cultural and nature elements that soon to missing their identity if not protected in Shahrool’s opinion. Hence, he chose to devote and focus more on empowering the local community since 2011 to show that there’s more than just a name, Johor has lot to offer including the diverse habitat of mangroves, coastal and rainforest, unique wildlife such as banded langur and also the identity of aboriginal people that consist of Orang Seletar, Kanaq and Jakun.