Terumo conducted a CSR program organized by Junglewalla Desaru, planting mangroves follow by a river cruise with a seafood lunch.

A total of 48 participants took part in this program, including 46 adults and 2 children. Mangrove planting or mangrove relief is a conservation project that aims to restore the ecosystem and sustain fisheries. Its aim is to address the problem and support the best practices by fishermen, the tourism industry, and visitors.

The planting of mangroves is an important contribution to the conservation and protection of mangrove forests, as mangroves can stabilize the coastal ecosystem and prevent erosion. Mangroves provide natural infrastructure and protection for nearby inhabited areas by preventing erosion and absorbing the impact of storm surges during extreme weather.

The mangrove planting program focused on making participants aware of the importance of the mangrove ecosystem.

Participants were given their own young mangrove plants and proper equipment for mangrove planting. JungleWalla Desaru provided the participants with gloves, spades, trowels, rubbish bags, mineral water, and other equipment.

The guide explained and demonstrated how to plant the mangrove seedlings properly. At the same time, they also talked about the mangrove trees such as the species, conservation status, and fun facts. The participants gained knowledge and an experience they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

After planting the mangroves, all participants went on a river cruise and enjoyed a delicious seafood lunch at a nearby floating restaurant.

Some pictures were taken during mangrove planting at Tanjung Balau.
On 10 December 2022

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