Water Lily Planting

Water Lily Planting is a program that JungleWalla has set up for the purpose of
educating people about the importance of water lily to ecosystems and nature.

Besides, people also get to enjoy and create valuable memories with family. In order to provide individuals an experience they can’t get anywhere else, our program is designed to be simple and suitable for all age groups.

During the program, participants also get to participate in a nature walk around the riverside, guided by JungleWalla naturalists.

All the necessary tools for water lily planting have been prepared beforehand by JungleWalla team, such as gloves, a pack of pebbles, a pack of soil, a pot, and water lily seeds for each individual participant. Participants were divided into small groups, facilitated by program facilitators for each group.

For precaution purposes, JungleWalla’s team always keeps monitoring and is ready with first aid kits during the activities. Children and senior citizens have also been assisted if they want to go into the river. At the end of the program, JungleWalla also provided the participants with certificates.

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