U Weekly Water Lily Planting

13 November 2022

The Water Lily Planting Program initiated by JungleWalla aims to educate individuals about the significance of water lilies in ecosystems and nature. Additionally, the program offers participants the opportunity to enjoy quality time with their families while creating lasting memories. Designed to cater to all age groups, this program provides a unique and unparalleled experience.

The program includes a guided nature walk along the riverside, led by knowledgeable JungleWalla naturalists. This activity allows participants to explore and appreciate the surrounding natural environment.

Water Lily Planting: Participants actively engage in planting water lilies, with JungleWalla having prepared all the necessary tools in advance. Each participant receives a set of equipment, including gloves, a pack of pebbles, a pack of soil, a pot, and water lily seeds. To facilitate the process, participants are divided into small groups, with dedicated facilitators assigned to each group.

Upon the program’s conclusion, JungleWalla presents participants with certificates as a token of participation and achievement. The Water Lily Planting Program not only educates individuals about the importance of water lilies but also offers a memorable experience in nature, fostering a deeper connection with the environment.

By organizing this program, JungleWalla aims to inspire and instill a sense of environmental stewardship among participants, promoting the preservation and conservation of natural habitats.

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