Company Programs

  • Community Outreach Project
    FISH FOR THE FUTURE Fish for the Future will invite a corporation to adopt a particular fishing community in the […]
  • Nature Conservation Projects
    RAINFOREST AID Rainforest Aid is a project to stem the further loss of island natural heritage and to try to […]
  • Corporate Social Investment
    CORPORATE CHARITY BIRDRACE The whole group will undergo a crash course into the basics of Birdwatching identification with a short […]
  • Seeds Bank
    Seed Bank is a 3 days outing program suitable for a small company with maximum of 20 participants. Apart from […]
  • Biomimicry Workshop
    Nature as measure: Biomimicry uses an ecological standard to evaluate and validate of our innovations. After millions of years of […]
  • Jungle Warfare
    Jungle Warfare is a high activity game that focuses on team work and communication. Jungle Warfare will begin with some […]
  • Telematch Game
    Telematch Games can be held on the beach or on open ground. The participants will be separated into teams. There […]
  • Amazing Race
    Participant will be divided into teams. Each team will take a mini van to get around the course consisting of […]
  • Treasure Hunt
    A treasure hunt is a great way to see Desaru Coast and compete against your fellow employees at the same […]
  • Teaming For Excellence
    POSITIVE TEAMS are the lifeline of every company. Customers love them, bosses bask in their energy and team members shine […]